Black Soap


Black Soap

“I want every person to enjoy the benefits of using a quality handmade soap at a affordable price.  Whether it is charcoal face bar or peppermint foot scrub, I have made each bar with love and care, using only quality ingredients that are sustainable. Our time on Earth is short, we all should do our part to not leave a mess for the ones to come along after us..”

Lisa Mclean

Brooks Essential Oils is a black owned business created by a naturalist.

My name is Lisa Mclean, and I am the owner of Brooks Essential Oils an all-natural hair/skincare line. I created BEO about 4 years ago when I saw that there was a high demand for all-natural hair and skin care products. At first, I created products just for myself but once I expanded into taking courses, I found myself being introduced to a network of people that helped me build my brand into what it is today.

Our products consist of turmeric, infused rosemary in olive, infused turmeric in jojoba oil, hemp, and green soap all from Jamaica and this is just a few of the things we have created to take care of the hair and skin. We provide natural products for hair/skin with no artificial preservatives and additives to our products and that is what sets us apart from our competition.

Client Testimonials

The online shop was easy to use. im really happy with my order. Everything  smells sooo good and is well packaged. I love a good, affordable, Canadaian comapny that is friendly and natural. I will shop from Brooks Essential oils company agin. Thank you Lisa!!

Sarah Griffin

Great all-natural products that stand behind their calims! Love seeing an honest business like this 🙂

mary Martinez